Aug 16

Bon Odori 2016: A Summer Fest On A Rainy Season

Our usual lazy Saturday was interfered with a summer festival. Not that I can’t live without going to a Japanese fiesta but my Japanese friend’s “you must come” description of it made me crawl out of bed and brave the weather.

bon odori

What It’s All About

Bon Odori has started in 2014 and has become a yearly gathering in Cebu from then on. Japanese or not, people filled the South Road Properties Sugbo Grounds last August 12-13 to pay respect to Japanese ancestors’ spirits. With lanterns hanging in the air, cosplay competition entertaining the crowd, and a terrain of hawker stalls selling Japanese and Filipino goods gave life to the festival. Catching noodles (and perhaps Pok√©mon), was also a crowd turner.




What made the evening even better was that free snacks were served. Round foldable fans were also given to hundreds of people joining the festival.

bon odori festival 2016


But my favorite part was wearing a Yukata for a pictorial at Kawaii Cafe’s booth. The queue was quite a ‘box office’ but cafe staff were giving out Japanese drinks so the wait was worth it. The experience had given me a feel of a Japanese onna. And yes, Pierre was in Yukata, too.

bon odori

Photo grabbed from Kawaii Cafe

My Takeaway

Being a part of this event was indeed a great deal. I only paid Php20 for the entrance fee (I supposed that admission for children was free) and we got unlimited fun and a free bus ride back to Plaza Independencia. So I didn’t have any regrets that I traded my beauty rest for this fest.



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