Dec 16

The Sunny Side Bohol

I grew up in Bohol and it was only after college that I got a chance to step out from this scenic province. But I’ve never been to its eastern part until last week.

Mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement had swept me away as I shoved myself on a public bus seat. Why? Because it was another Eat, Pray, Love experience for me but this time, I was with my adventurous seven-year old travel buddy who kept on asking me out of this world questions along the way.

With the usual view of green trees on my left and white and blue shores on my right, I thought that the 4-hour trip to the sunny side of Bohol would be ordinary. I almost fell asleep. But when we reached Garcia-Hernandez, I started to get restless. I wanted to jump off the bus to take snaps of magnificent hues of nature.

sunny side bohol




No, I'm not in Acapulco

No, I’m not in Acapulco

Ubay Dam

Ubay Dam


These photos don’t actually give justice to these spots because some of them were taken in motion. And I can’t find the words that best describe them.

How I Got There

There are a lot of transports and alternative routes to get there but since I was on a super tight budget, plus a hyperactive little boy would be on my lap, an airconditioned Southern Star bus from Tagbilaran bound for Ubay via Jagna was the most convenient. With jaw-dropping sights along the way, the bus fare of Php155 was really a pretty great deal.


I spotted some nice places to stay in Ubay but I didn’t care to ask for prices. Hubby and his friends came along and we stayed at a friend’s house anyway (thanks, Avenido family).

Avenido Farm in Ubay

Avenido Farm in Ubay

Side Trip

Our wanderlust wanted a dip so we headed to Anda which is known for its breathtaking white beaches. From Ubay , we rode a Tagbilaran-bound bus and got off Guindulman. Bus fare was Php20. Then a tuktuk-like transport (locals call it ‘rela’) took us to the beach for Php35 per person.


Anda Beach

Anda Beach

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