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Communication Meltdown

communication meltdown digital art

Communication Meltdown


Olaf does Photobombing: Even a snowman can do it!

olaf photobomb

even a mere snowman can photobomb


Lonely but Never Alone- Tree Photography

tree photography

lonely but never alone

Lonely but never Alone- a Tree Photography


Hell on stick- a lit match art

lit match art

Hell on stick- a lit match art.

3D fire digital art

A fire can light-or it can burn!

Aug 27

Blue Flame Abstract Digital Art

abstract blue flame art

Blue Flame Abstract Digital Art

Aug 27

Photo Manipulation: Valve in Black and White

valve photo

Valve Photo in Black and White

Aug 25

Just the 3 of us sequel already rolling?

just the 3 of us parody

JUST THE 3 OF US IN THE MAKING Ooops… Not the movie you are looking for? Try this one.  

Aug 22

Photo Manipulation: In Tangled Roots

tangled roots photo

Photo Manipulation- In Tangled Roots

Aug 19

Photo Manipulation: Tangled Vines

tangled vine

Tangled Vines- a digitally manipulated photo.

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