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Mar 09

HG Studio Makes Humpday Busy

Humpdays are supposed to be a lax day for make-up artists. Why? Because it is unusual for most of them to get booked for a wedding on an ordinary weekday. But it isn’t true for HG Studio. While it is a challenge for most make-up artists, HG Studio got not just one but two weddings …

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Nov 15

4 Lessons In Life That I Learned From Basic Photography

I used to believe that basic photography is just a point-click thing so when Shaw Academy offered free courses, I gave it a miss over Graphic Design. It was only when I found the long lost camera my sister-in-law gave that my interest in photography has reached its peak. Peering through the faulty camera’s viewfinder, …

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Olaf does Photobombing: Even a snowman can do it!

olaf photobomb

even a mere snowman can photobomb

Sep 03

Top 3 Photobombing Tips From an Expert

photobombing tips

PHOTOBOMBING TIPS Top 3 photobombing tips from an expert. (How we wish we can only hear and read the word “bombing” suffixed to “photo”.)  


Lonely but Never Alone- Tree Photography

tree photography

lonely but never alone

Lonely but never Alone- a Tree Photography

Aug 27


when you're so excited to see the sundown but realized it's on the other side of the earth, just enjoy the clouds

Aug 27

Photo Manipulation: Valve in Black and White

valve photo

Valve Photo in Black and White

Aug 26

When Nature Renders: Lotus Flower

lotus flower photo

LOTUS FLOWER PHOTO When nature renders: Lotus Flower close-up shot. Thanks to Cubillo family for this wonderful plant.

Aug 22

Photo Manipulation: In Tangled Roots

tangled roots photo

Photo Manipulation- In Tangled Roots

Aug 21

Abstract Photography: Eclipse

abstract eclipse photo

Abstract Photography: Eclipse

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