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Mar 15

My First Liebster Award

It’s an honor to be nominated by Shailesh Pahuja of My Heart On The Road for the Liebster Award. Shailesh is an adventurer and globe explorer who loves culture and people.   What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award is made by travel bloggers for travel bloggers and is a great opportunity to be more …

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Discover Bohol Philippines

bohol art photo

Discover Bohol.

Oct 15


He made no promises. No decent house. No fancy restaurants. No crafty tokens. No exclusive dates. No sweet nothings. He didn’t speak to her about marriage. He didn’t ask her about her thoughts, her dreams, her ideals. Yet, he was her world. He was her weakness.  Whenever he was beside her, she would melt. She …

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Sep 07


What happened in Hongkong has stayed in Hongkong… until today. It was half an hour before midnight when she decided to head to the airport.  Her flight won’t be until six in the morning of the following day but she couldn’t sleep that night.  She had mixed emotions as it will be her first time …

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