Oct 14



captured by Pierre

Like a volt of lightning, you came rushing in. You made a quick stop and opened your door. I was a bit surprised but then, I hopped in. Then, you stole my heart in a flash. You held it tight as we took that heart-pounding ride. I was at first hesitant, seeing danger that could possibly be along our way. But you fastened my belt and assured me safety.  Every word you said was a lullaby to my ear. Those words kept me calm. They kept me sane. Eventually, I found myself holding onto you.

And then, it felt like I was living my dream as we journeyed through the mile. Being wrapped in your arms, I found home.

Suddenly, you woke me up, dropped me off and drove away. And I wondered why.

Then, I came back to my senses. Only then, I realized that it was my destination.

Sadly, I took my things and moved on.

Say something. Leave a trail.

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