Sep 14

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She is known as Ashnathea.  She is a goddess; a protégé of Aphrodite. The stares from her almond-shaped eyes can tame the wildest beast.  Her hilarious laughter resonates through the nerves of anyone within range.  It is contagious. Everyone in the kingdom stands in awe when she is around, as her beauty is striking.  Her presence, intensifying.

Men from the North, East and West come a long way to meet her, to impress her, to win her heart.  Yet, she showed no interest.  Instead, she manipulates them as she can read their minds, except that of Leuxxu’s, the son of Sonoli, a vicious ruler of Nabul.

Leuxxu is famous for his strength and brevity.  His sturdiness captures the eyes of the princesses in the nearby kingdom, as well as the kings and princes who want him to be their defender.  He can crush Ashnathea with just one hand.  And he just can’t. He has this strong feeling for her that he cannot explain.  He goes weak whenever their eyes meet.  Every time she speaks of love, he becomes speechless.  For how can he speak of love to her, when the world knows that he is betrothed to the Empress of Itakam?  Hence, he communicates through his mind, in silence, hopeful that the message would get through her, and that she would be able to decode them.

While Ashnathea is unable to perceive the intended meaning of Leuxxu’s silence, the Empress of Itakam sensed that an affair is about start between the gorgeous goddess and the robust man.  The empress panicked as the goddess is a threat to her.  She then cast a spell for Ashnathea to be lost in the wilderness.

When Leuxxu heard about the disappearance of his beloved, he left his betrothed and went into the woods to look for her Ashnathea, and when he found her, he didn’t let her go.  He took her home and asked her to marry him.  Leuxxu begged for his father to bless their marriage, but Sonoli’s face was distorted with rage as he doesn’t know Ashnathea.  He cannot take the thought that Ashnathea will rule over Nabul.  So, he commanded his horsemen to send Ashnathea back to her homeland.

Leuxxu did nothing to save her. He loves Ashnathea but he also respects his father.  He was depressed and lost interest in everything. And now that they are apart, all he can do is send telepathic messages to her, but never gets a reply as Ashnathea cannot read his mind.  She misunderstood his silence.  She thought he loves her less.  She wept and wept in resentment until she was bleeding.  She released a loud and piercing cry for she felt pain not only in the heart, but also in her womb.  Yes, she is bearing a descendant of Leuxxu in her womb.

She sobbed while her thoughts wandered.  Why did he abandon her? How can she teach herself not to love him?  What now? Will she fight for herself or for her love and its fruit?  Is this just a test of their true love, or a sign that a new love is about to begin?  But the morning breeze doesn’t have answers to her questions.


Her beauty dominates his thoughts. His love for her is clear. It overflows. Yet, for her, everything seems blurry as he keeps his silence.

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