Sep 28


Following your heart is so fulfilling that every organ of your body will excitedly sing in celebration. Doing what you love can create the most wonderful feeling, but it can also be like plunging into an unfathomable abyss.

I have the passion to write since the time I learned to a grip a pen.  I have won some writing contests during grade school and joined press conferences in high school.  Every experience was overwhelming that I was enticed to write more often.  I even dreamed of being a bestselling author of all times.

But, things weren’t the same when I was in the university. I wanted to take up journalism or literature or some sort of film making course but I regarded those as hobbies. I thought it was more practical to take up Accountancy for the “future”, and so I did. Halfheartedly.

After finishing my degree, I worked for a  BPO and told myself that it will just be temporary.  But, the “temporary” job went on for almost a decade,  that I totally forgot about my dream. I was out of focus, and I was geared toward a different direction, where I competently made a great maneuver.

Still, the passion for writing kept on hailing me that I find it very disturbing. My once stable drive of life has turned into a wobbly one. It made me steer to the side of the road and ponder.


I was almost at the peak of my career when a situation changed my gear and turned it 360 degrees.  That moment was the most extreme twist in my life, and I was left with no choice. I felt so depressed, and dispirited. Then, at a snap of my fingers, I decided to quit my once so-called temporary job, which at that moment, was my bread and butter. It was the toughest choice, tougher than getting married.

I was left with nothing else but the passion to write.  Then, the dream that I have been ignoring for years has lived again, and it has become even stronger than before.

Then, I made up my mind to head back to where my heart is.  I finally listened to the voice within, to follow my heart and do what I love, even if it that means to start from scratch again.  It took me an ocean of courage and a rock solid decision to do it, and a stubborn will to embrace the risks that come along.  But since then, everything has become extraordinary that it I could not just drive; it gives me wings (and a broomstick) so I can soar high and free.follow your heart.

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    Following your heart gives you wings (and a broomstick) so you can soar free and high.

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