Nov 01

4 Reasons Why An Unrequitted Love Isn’t A Bad Thing

unrequited love

Loving someone without getting the same love in return can be painful in the beginning, frustrating in the middle, and exhausting in the end. But I was able to take ┬áthe pain to my advantage until I got past the heartache. And it was only then that I learned that being in a one-sided love affair isn’t a bad thing at all. I may not have gotten the love I wanted but it gave me more than that.

It Transformed Me

With the intention of making my love interest love me back, I tried hard to be the person he would love. And while I was in the process of learning to cook his favorite pasta, I found the task comforting until I wasn’t doing it for him anymore. I was doing it for myself. Constant self-talks of “what else do I need to do to deserve him?” has made me become the person I could only imagine I could be.

I Learned To Manage Rejection

Unreciprocated love is the ultimate rejection I have ever experienced. If I was able to get over with it, then I can handle being turned down by some company I’d love to work with, taking my exit with a warm smile. An unrequite love has made me love more and expect less.

It Strengthens My Relationships With Others

When I was at my lowest moment, I have reunited with my families and friends who helped me pick myself up, patch the broken pieces back together, and push me up to stand tall again.

I Found My Happiness

This may sound delusional but not getting the love I thought I deserved had let me reassess myself. It made me realize that my happiness is not dependent on someone and that I can be happy on my own. Why? Because unrequited love made me do things I have never done before which made me proud of myself.

Yes, love is best when reciprocated. But it was unrequited love that took me to the next level. It unleashed my full potential, revealing the best version of myself. (And hey, I’m still upgrading so expect me to love over and over and over again.)



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  1. Joleene

    I had an unrequited love for a very long time. I still dream about him occasionally. It took meeting the right man and experiencing true love to genuinely let it go.

  2. Lianna

    Very interesting post, I rarely hear the positive side of love that isn’t returned. This is definitely something a few of my friends need to read. I’m glad your outlook is so positive, every love we have is a lesson!

    1. Profile photo of eve winters
      eve winters

      Thank you, Lianna. You are right. Every love we have is a lesson.

  3. Hang Around The World

    This post is very interesting, we have to suggest it to some of our friends. Thanks for sharing it

    1. Profile photo of eve winters
      eve winters

      Thanks! Hope your friends will love it too

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