Jun 19

UP Singing Ambassadors Captivated Bohol On Independence Day

Hand in hand with the Provincial Government of Bohol as well as the Bohol Center for Culture and Arts Development, the Philippines Academy of Family Physicians (Bohol Chapter)  brought UP Singing Ambassadors to Bohol for its Behold Bohol concert last June 12, 2017. UPSA prides itself as among the four Filipino chorales to compete for the European Grand Prix, and was the first Asian to win the grand prize of the 2001 Guido d’Arezzo, which is the most prominent choral contest in Italy.

IP Singing Ambassadors Ed Manguiat

Photo Credit: Bohol Eyes

The crowd went all smiles when the gate of the Tagbilaran City Cultural Center opened. And as I’ve expected, the Cultural Center was packed with excited faces, waiting for the concert to start.

I was all eyes and ears as the chorale paraded on stage in their Filipiana and suits. At first, I thought it would just be a typical concert. But once the group’s founder and conductor, Dr. Ed Manguiat, waved his hands before the singers, mixed emotions took place. No wonder Dr. Ed Manguiat has won  5 Grand Prizes, 23 First Prizes and other special awards in 18 European choral competitions and is now called as an Honorary Son of Bohol.

UP SInging Ambassadors Ed Manguiat

Founder and Conductor Dr. Ed Manguiat

It was supposed to be Independence Day, but Dr. Ed Manguiat’s hands were like wands casting some magic to the ensemble, and potion to crowd. And yes, I was one of their captives, enthralled by their roller-coaster performance. Every piece was a pleasant surprise. I laughed. I cried. I sang along.

I’ve never been to a concert like that. The repertoire was properly lined-up. From classical to songs of worship to modern genre, every piece was a pleasant surprise. I laughed. I cried. I sang along. I admit, it was the first time I’ve heard of “Tong Song”. And when the show was over, I yelled for more. But what has moved me the most was that the group went to the crowd and personally thanked every guest for watching the show.

In commemoration of their 37th anniversay, the UP Singing Ambassadors Behold Bohol concert was part of the Lakbay Musika concert tour. Proceeds of which will be for the benefit of the medical and psychosocial health of Inabanga and Clarin residents.  The UPSA is confidently a world-class performer with a heart.








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