Jun 22

8 Things I Hate About Working From Home


It has always been my dream to stay at home and be a full-time wife and mom with some jobs on the side. But now that I am living the life that most moms and wives can only imagine, I wish I hadn’t given up my booming career in the corporate world. Why? Here are 8 reasons why I don’t recommend moms to work at home.


Who would like employers who don’t care where you are as long as you get things done on time? No one. We want our boss to religiously check our whereabouts, nag at us and make sure that we are at our desks from start to finish, right? Working at home just takes you away from that clingy boss.

Work Stations

Speaking of desks, online workers don’t have permanent desks and it sucks. It’s crazy that you can simply take your laptop and internet connection with you as you escape from beaches to beaches or from coffee shops to coffee shops or to any other places out from the conducive and safe corners of the workplace. It’s so tiring to hop from one place to another just to get things done.

Paper Works

Submitting paperworks to your employers is exciting, right? Composing resumes and CV’s each time you apply for a job will give your brain some exercise. I found online resume builders and saw their cashier resume template, and it was quite mind-stimulating. Working from home where you only have to face your computers and submit files electronically is kinda boring.


Your 15-minute coffee break will not only be for a cup of coffee. Most of the time, it is for finishing your laundry, watering the plants, preparing dinner, or worse, helping your child with his assignment and cuddling with your loved ones, and even with your dogs.


Well, admit it. We all love spending, especially for bus fares, MRT cards, taxi tips, gas and toll fees. Unless you are going out for an errand or just to catch some fresh air, your transportation allowance would be untouched if you worked at home. Tsk.

Travel Time

You will definitely miss the traffic. Without a doubt, you will miss being in the middle of the road with a perfect view of vehicles at rest for twenty minutes or so. And don’t forget the 2-hour journey from home to the workplace and another 2-hour ride going back home. Those are your ‘me’ time and you’ll let working at home take those 4 hours away? No way!

Work-Life Balance

Your family and friends won’t be missing you anymore because you are always present in every occasion and event in their lives. Now, that’s boring, right?

Social Life

Working from home will make you an anti-social. With your flexible time, you will miss spending your lunch breaks on a snake-like queue in banks, electric companies and other institutions. You will surely miss the crowd in malls after your shift on a 3-day clearance sale, too.

Body Clock

And the worst of all is during rainy days. Imagine, everyone else is already up at least 2 hours earlier than his log-in time while you are still curled up in bed, snoozing the alarm clock off and getting up just a minute before your shift (or not getting up at all)? What a shame. Come on, get a life.

Now that you have the list, please think twice before you decide to work at home.


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  1. SheryL♥

    hmm.. gives me the reason to think over again..thanks!

    1. all about eve

      You bet. Thanks, Sheryl

  2. oldpoet56

    You are a very sensitive and intelligent young lady.

    1. all about eve

      Thank you for your kind words

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